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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"A very bright quilt, Jacob's Birthday and some sewing."


I thought I should get back to blogging. Took a little rest from it. Read lots of books instead of browsing the net. Plus I did a little sewing.

 We recently celebrated our Grandson's first Birthday. It was a fun day watching Jacob delicately open his presents. Each present was different which was lucky. I am sure he would have been happy with the paper and packaging let alone the presents inside.

Back in November last year I had joined up a packet of squares that I had bought back in January 2012 from Good Sammy's. I paid $5.00 for the packet of over 600 squares which originally came from a patchwork shop in Queensland. I did have grand plans of hand quilting it for a Christmas present but unfortunately time got away from me.

 I did plan to make the quilt a bit bigger but found out my fabric for the border would have to be cut up into pieces, something I didn't want so the next plan went into play. I had already cut out a few of my own squares to make it bigger so I had to un-pick a bit and with the extra squares I used a cotton reel and traced around it, put some sticky stuff on the back and threw them on the quilt. Where they landed was where they were sewn on.

 I then machine quilted it on my embroidery machine. This was a huge task for me but I am so happy with the end result. The quilt measures 48 by 63 inches.

Once again I used the heart design, this time a bigger one shrunk a little to fit into the 5 by 7 inch hoop. I used Gutermann 100% cotton colour number 2833 for the thread.

 The backing was some more of the Peace/Love fabric, nearly finished that fabric, it seems to go on forever.

This quilt will match this one I made back in 2012.

 A total of three quilts this year have been machine quilted on my embroidery machine, super pleased with how they have turned out.

The only other sewing I have done is three pairs of PJ shorts for Jacob and two tops which are way too small. I won't be using this top pattern again.

Would love to hear how your day is going.

Happy days.
Bev C

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Friday Night with Friends Valentines Quilt."


Friday Night with Friends was held yesterday, with events like this I like to make a little project and get it done. I discovered a quick and easy pattern for a Valentine's Quilt when I followed a link from the Primitive Quilts and Projects Newsletter. I cut out the squares etc on Thursday planning to sew on Friday but the temptation was too hard to resist. I had most of it joined together and Friday saw me finish it off and start the machine quilting.

 Once again I used the heart design, the small one this time.

 With it being a Valentine's quilt I had to throw in a few cherries. Only a few as I only had a very limited amount of the red thread.

I used a blue fabric on the back that has pink roses and for the binding some fabric that has cherries on it.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting the sew in.

Happy days.
Bev C

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"The Letters Quilt - Real men do pin quilts."


Now that the Australian Open Tennis is over for another year I was able to sew down the binding on the Letters quilt yesterday.

 The fabrics for this little quilt all came from the stash. I had picked up the binding fabric a metre of spotty blue spots on yellow at Good Sammy's last year. It was one of those fabrics you buy because you know it can be used one day.

 I love the quirkiness of the backing fabric. Picked this one up at a Garage Sale, the length contained several metres of fabric. It is a narrow fabric but wide enough for this quilt.

I decided to quilt this using my embroidery machine. The three layers of fabric were pinned as per usual then hooped up for each design. The heart designs took a minute for each one to stitch out. I used a small heart and a medium heart design. On some of them I altered them in size a little depending where they were placed on the quilt. The feathers design on the outside took 2 minutes to stitch. The machine embroidery thread was from Birch. It was the same colour thread on both designs but because of the closeness of the stitches the green colour showed up more on the feathers design.

Believe me real men do pin quilts, thanks for your help in the pinning process David.

Can you hear the rain? So good to see it. Had a good storm last night as well. So much lightning and huge claps of thunder but best of all is the rain. Everything is washed down, the plants must be so happy I know we are.

Happy days.
Bev C

Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Fat legs are better for quilting!, vegie and straw bale gardening."


Did you know that fat legs are better for quilting?

 This week has seen me working on completing the Letter's quilt. You see the outside legs on the letter N were too thin. I unpicked and sewed and did a bit more of that then realised it was those skinny legs that were the problem. Fat legs won in the end. The cat fabric is what I am using for the backing.

 Raised garden beds are the way to garden here. The water seems to retain a bit more in the soil. This bed contains some  Summer Squash that has taken off. It also had Purple Carrots and Round Baby Carrots. Beans were grown at the bottom. I left some of the stalks to use as mulch.

 The smaller raised bed is growing Amish Paste Tomato's that I grew from seed. They have supplied us with tomato's each day.

 November last year I saw a review for a book about Straw bale Gardening. The author is Joel Karston, for those in Western Australia you can borrow this from your library.  You have to prep the bale for a while, first you must soak it for a few days then apply different fertilizer to activate it. I used a variety of fertilizers including some Power Feed, Scots Lawn Fertilizer and Urea. I added some Sheep poop as well. In the bale above I planted some Beans, unfortunately the pesky slater's have been having a field day eating them off at the stem base. There is also one Zucchini plant that has had several flowers but no fruit as yet. We have had extremely hot days which means the bee's tend to stay away.

 The other bale has two Beefsteak Tomato plants which were also grown from seed then transplanted into the bales. These are growing well. One thing the book did say that all sorts of fungi will grow. You can see a blob of yellow on the bale. This grew overnight.

This bed up amongst the fruit tree's has been taken over by self sown Pumpkins. There are a couple of different types growing here. The other side of the bed has Beetroot and Carrot's growing.

How is your garden going? Is is supplying you with lots of fresh veg or lovely flowers.

Happy days.
Bev C

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"True Blue"


Very little sewing has been going on, I needed a little rest from it. Watching the tennis has taken over my life. You would have heard me yelling and clapping the other night when Nick won his match. Can't wait until this evening to watch again. Just love January for all the tennis across Australia which leads up to the Australian Open.

 I finished the "True Blue" wall hanging and gave it to Jacob yesterday for Australia Day. The little bear is looking up to the Southern Cross. This design is available as a freebie from Abby designs. I realised I should have put the Teddy further down in the corner as I had to squash up the stars a little but it doesn't really matter. This hanging could be made up in applique if you don't have a embroidery machine.

 The only other sewing has been a very quick and simple camera bag.

Made up with two of the samples of fabric from Hong Kong. The owl fabric was perfect for the bag as it has a thickness to it and rather soft so not to harm the camera.

I have joined in OPAM again in 2015. OPAM stands for One project a month.

Looking forward to finishing some projects that have been around for a while and starting new ones.

I hope everyone had a great Australia Day yesterday and enjoy the week ahead.

Happy days.
Bev C